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deviation in storage by CrazyFandomSlut
deviation in storage by CrazyFandomSlut
deviation in storage by CrazyFandomSlut



Male Meenah by XxiluvgaaraxX
Male Meenah
Decided to draw Male Meenah cause he's hot and badass and shit. Love it. ^-^
Not my best but I'm satisfied with it. c:

Meenah belongs to Andrew Hussie from Homestuck
5 deviations
deviation in storage
:iconcrazyfandomslut: CrazyFandomSlut
deviation in storage
:iconcrazyfandomslut: CrazyFandomSlut
deviation in storage
:iconcrazyfandomslut: CrazyFandomSlut
deviation in storage
:iconcrazyfandomslut: CrazyFandomSlut
deviation in storage
:iconcrazyfandomslut: CrazyFandomSlut
pallet 69 Kankri by XxiluvgaaraxX
pallet 69 Kankri
Okay so I did this in like 2 hours. So it's not the best. I didn't put in a LOT of hard work into it. But it was a request and I wanted to get it done already so I can finish others as well.
GOD I suck at fingers!!!!

Kankri belongs to Andrew Hussie.
pallet 1 Male!Vriska by XxiluvgaaraxX
pallet 1 Male!Vriska
This is my male vriska who is pulling down his boxers and showing a little booty at the beach? I don't know where he is so imma just say the beach. As you can see it's before he blew up his arm and eye.
I have also experimented with shading and such~~~

The creation of the original vriska where this stems from goes to Andrew Hussie.
pallet 13 Kanaya by XxiluvgaaraxX
pallet 13 Kanaya
Yay! I made this a long time ago. My ultimate favorite piece that I've finished!

I take no credit for the creation of Kanaya. That goes to Andrew Hussie.


XxiluvgaaraxX's Profile Picture
Christina Morales
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
HI!:iconsayhiplz: My name is Christina. I'm Puerto Rican. Mixed with Native American (the Cherokee tribe), African (Not sure what kind, maybe Nigerian?), French, Irish, Spanish, and British. I'm kind of a mutt aren't I? Haha. I love watching anime and reading manga! I love drawing anime's and the first anime that I introduced myself to was Naruto! My fav character is GAARA!!:iconyaayzplz: Why? Because he is freaken AWESOME!!! THAT's why! And he's super sexy! :iconitssohotplz:
I'm also in love with Hisagi Shuuhei from Bleach. :iconadorableplz:

People may say that because they don't find ANY cartoon character cute that they're "normal" well...hehe:iconsmartyplz:let me tell YOU that is NOT normal! I have met plenty of people who LOVE anime boys! And how can you NOT!? So, for the people who DO like anime boys I say ROCK ON!:headbang: Because YOU ARE normal!

How I got started watching Naruto
I got started in the summer. I was just on YouTube for the first time and I click on a link that said "Internet is for Porn" And the video was really funny but I wanted to know who the characters were so I checked the comments and I saw the names "Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke" I Google their names and boom I got into watching the anime. I have watched ALL the episodes and I usually watch my anime's in English Sub so I wait for the new Nartuo Shippuden episode to come out every Thursday.

Where do I go to read and watch?
This is where I go to watch my anime's usually: &
This is where I go to read my manga's: & this new website that I go on now and they have hentai and yaoi and yuri and everything in between and the website is: and I specify what I wanted and go to this site --->…
Your welcome!:iconheehee-plz:

What other anime's do/did I watch?
Naruto Shippuden
Kuroshitsuji 2
Death Note!!!!!(Best freakin' anime in your whole LIFE!!!)
KissXSis (pervy)
Rosario+Vampire (some perviness not really)
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (yaoi)
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2
Strawberry Panic! (yuri)
Junjou Romantica (yaoi)
Junjou Romantica 2
Soul Eater
Juuousei (:omfg: This shit is flippin' amazing!!!)
R-15 (pervy)
Nabari No Ou
Ouran High School Host Club (a little yaoi)
Fullmetal Alchemist (action PACKED!)
Sacred Seven (cool!)
Mayo Chiki! (pervy but also very cute! super funny!)
Mayoi Neko Overrun! (pervy)
Chu-Bra (do I have to spell it out? very informational though i have to say.)
HETALIA!! (Axis Powers & World Series) (so funny! Funny History!)
Kuroko no Basket
Uta no Prince-sama Maji 2000% love
That swimming anime that I can't remember the name of
**Uta no Prince-sama: Maji 1000% Love (If you love music then you'll like THIS!) ;)**
******No.6 (crazy ass anime and it made me cry thrice!! One for happiness and 2 for sadness and I hate crying but I couldn't hold back the tears! :iconfinallyplz:)******
Love Stage!! (TOTAL RIP OFF FROM THE MANGA!! :angry: )
....I can't remember anymore but when I do I'll put them up!

What mangas do/have I read?
Oh My Goddess!
Koukou Debut
Oresama Teacher
Death Note
Junjou Romantica (it's more graphic than the anime)
Love Stage!! <3333
I've been reading a lot of yaoi lately and I just can't list them all but if you go to the website: you can search the genre "yaoi" and it'll give all the yaoi they have!
Oh! My friend showed me another website with ALL yaoi manga!
The website is!
[.....I don't like reading much >_>] <--- WRONG NOW!! I've changed and I'm reading like a maniac! I can't stop! I'm even reading real books! :omg:

Why do I come on deviantART?
I honestly don't come on here that often. But it's still a nice place with nice friendly people. I'm mostly on my rp account on fb and on tumblr and youtube. So....yeah!

More about me! UPDATE!!
Well. I'm 19 now. I'm going to go t I'm REALLY into zodiac. I do descriptions instead of horoscopes. I do birth charts for people and tell them what each sign means. That's right signs with an 's'. We are not one star sign but MANY signs that's why I do this. It's fun. I do do horoscope translations too. So if you want me to tell you what up with that just ask and I'll do it right away! =D I think it's fun so don't be shy to ask! I can do your birth chart too! I just need these things.
-Month, Day, and Year of your birth
-The time you were born
-What city town and state or country were you born in
Simple. You can find this on your birth certificate! x3
I'm pansexual. In case you were wondering. And I have to poop right now. Bye! CC=
I just want some candy!:iconchocoloveplz: GIVE IT TO ME!!:icononionnouplz:



:squee::la::squee:DISCOVERED YAOI PARADISE!!! THE WEBSITE IS hehe kind of like pedophile but in anime. hehe yeah~:heart:
I'm into Homestuck these days. I love the Makara's and Vanta's and Captor's. <33
Have you seen my new art design? No? Then the hell are you doing??? GO NOW!
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: my breathing
  • Reading: nutin
  • Watching: nutin
  • Playing: Procrastination (seriously it never changes)
  • Eating: pretzels~
  • Drinking: wadah!

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